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Loyalty programs run purchase points promotions with some frequency so it’s no surprise that there is a new one for Hyatt.  I received an email from Hyatt letting me now that right now, through May 31, 215, they is offering 40% more points for purchases of at least 10,000 points or more.  Generally, purchasing points are not worth it except to top off an account.  This is no different.  Purchasing 10,000 points will set you back $240 but will give you 14,000 points.  This comes out to approximately 1.7 cents per point.

Under normal circumstances, paying more that 1.5 cents per Hyatt point is not worth it.   There are exceptions, of course, like topping off your account or award availability for an expensive night.  I will pass this up because I have no expensive stays planned and I don’t stay at Hyatt much anyway.  For some people this may be worth it, but I don’t imagine many.

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