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Every year Starwood makes changes to what hotels are in what categories.  Generally the changes affect a small portion of the hotels and in this case, for 2015, it’s a total of 22% that are changing categories.  This year about 10% of the hotels are moving up and about 12% of hotels are moving down.  The entire list of changes can be viewed here.

There really aren’t any big changes if you live in the NY/NJ area which is disappointing since the hotels in this area.  There are 2 hotels in NJ going up from category 4 to 5 and one going down from 4 to 3.  Overall, on the east coast the numbers don’t look that good with 9 hotels moving up and 6 down.

The changes are pretty minor overall and probably won’t affect your travels.  In a way this is a good thing because change in the travel world is usually not a good thing.

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