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On a recent weekend I went to Atlantic City and decided to stay at the Borgata instead of my usual Caesars/SPG hotels.  I booked a Fiore suite for a night and it was a decent price since I had a free night.  Borgata is a pretty nice casino compared to a lot of the boardwalk ones like Bally s or Tropicana.

I got there on Friday night around 10 PM and went t check in.  The receptionist was friendly but it took her a while to check us in.

The hallways wee long but looked very nice.  I’m very bad at pictures so I probably won’t do the hotel much justice.



The room itself is fairly large and spacious.  There was a king bed, an ottoman, a sofa, and a work table.  I believe the entire room is 700 square feet, which is a really nice size compared to a lot of my hotels in a city.




If you’re a bathroom person you definitely want to stay in this suite because the bathroom is huge.  It’s nearly half the size of the living area.  I really enjoyed the extra space in the bathroom even though I’m not a huge fan of bathrooms in hotels in general.

The bathroom had a large sink, a shower, a bathtub, and a small table.





The hotel had Lather amenities which I hadn’t seen before.


Overall, Borgata has much nicer rooms than many other hotels in Atlantic City and it was nice to get away from the Sheraton Convention Center hotel.  If I had to stay in Atlantic City again, which I’m sure I will, I’m not sure I would come back simply because it isn’t in any way affiliated with SPG and doesn’t help me reach platinum or give me points.  But otherwise it is a fantastic hotel by Atlantic City standards and is a good place to stay for most people, although somewhat expensive.

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