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American Airlines Coach Newark to Dallas & DFW Admiral’s Club
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HKG The Wing Business Class Lounge
American Airlines Business Hong Kong to Dallas
American Airlines First Dallas to Newark

The American Airlines 777-300ER has some great business class seats as far as American carriers are concerned.  The seats are very private and have plenty of room to stretch and put your stuff.  Each seat had a little compartment near the outer hand rest to put small items along with another cabinet between the seats that held the Bose headphones that American Airlines offers.




I was offered a pre-departure beverage and i decided to have an orange juice.  The juice was served in a plastic cup which was a bit disappointing since the post departure beverages are generally served in glasses.


On the right side of the seat was a remote for the IFE system and the seat controls, a light,  and a power outlet.  The seat controls were very easy to use but the IFE remote was not working.  One of the stragest things was the location of the headphone jack which was behind everything else.


The business class had a couple options to choose from for appetizers, entrees, deserts, and snacks.  There was only one vegetarian option for each, but at least it was  offered.  I had a vegetarian special meal requested before the flight and it seemed to be somewhat different than was offered on the menu.


Before the meal service started, I was offered some warm nuts and a drink.  The nuts were mostly cashews, although there were some almonds too.


The special meal I ordered first came with a fruit and salad appetizer.  This appetizer was pretty good and it was probably the best meal of the flight.


I was then served some pasta, spinach, and what I assume are beans.  Although I’m not a fan of spinach, this time it was especially bad.  The pasta and beans were pretty good.  Not the best meal I’ve had on a plane but certainly not the worst either.


Finally, I was served some more spinach, fried potato pieces, and some tomato thing.  This was accompanied by a plate of various fruits and vegetables and some sort of gelatin.  Now, the meals that I had on the way to HKG were pretty bad, but this was up there in terms of how terrible it was.  To be fair, I’m a pretty picky eater and I don’t really like to try new things so that may have contributed to my distaste.


After that, desert was offered but I passed since I was pretty full already.  For the rest of the flight I pretty much slept and only watched 2 movies.  The seat/bed was very comfortable since I made sure to take advantage of the lie flat functionality.  The amenity kit offered was pretty basic and felt really cheap.



Overall the flight was comfortable and entertaining but not very good in terms of the vegetarian food options.  The flight back was much more comfortable than on the way there in Main Cabin Extra.

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