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HKG The Wing Business Class Lounge
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Since I was staying at a hotel at the airport, I figured I would just leave early and check out the lounges.  First I stopped by The Wing business class lounge which I had access to by being a business class passenger, a Marco Polo Club Silver member, and Oneworld Sapphire.

The lounge was fairly large with lots of sections like a noodle bar, coffee bar, general seating area, showers, and a first class section.  The lounge had some pretty good views of the tarmac and various planes coming and going, although the pictures don’t do them justice.


The area was spacious and there were plenty of seats even though there were quite a few people there.  Since it was fairly early I had some bread, croissants, and coffee.  The food was acceptable but the coffee really was not that great.  It tasted very watery and weak.  After sitting there for a bit, I decided to try out the noodle bar.


At the noodle bar you are given a little beeper for about 5 minutes while the noodles are being made.  I guess it’s useful if there are lots of people there but since I was the only one waiting, it seemed a bit odd.


The noodles themselves were pretty good, although they had some strange vegetables I couldn’t identify.  I don’t know if I would call the vegetarian ramen tasty, but it certainly was good.


After some time at The Wing, I decided to head over to the Admirals Club to see what it was like.  The lounge wasn’t much different than an Admirals Club in the US so I didn’t stay long and headed to the gate since it was almost time to board my flight.

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