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I arrived in Hong Kong a little after 7:00 and made my way to the Regal Airport Hotel.  I was looking for a hotel at the airport since I was only on the ground for about 18 hours.  The hotel is connected to the airport so its very convenient if you are staying in Hong Kong for a very short time.  When I got to the hotel, it was pretty quiet but check in still took about 15 minutes.

The hotel was fairly large and had a very nice interior.  The rooms themselves were a good size compared to basic rooms in the US and similarly priced at the prepaid rate.  The bed in the room was one of the largest I have seen in a standard hotel room.  It was also one of the most uncomfortable beds I have ever slept in and I doubt I got over 90 minutes of sleep at a time.


There was a TV, work desk, and an ottoman in the room, along with a little shelf for coffee and tea.




Compared to the rest of the room the bathroom was actually quite small.  The amenities were pretty standard but there was also 2 water bottles in the bathroom for some reason.  I think its worth mentioning there was also a window in the bathroom to the outside room. I’m not sure in what instance this could be useful, but at least there was a way to close it.




The price was decent for an airport hotel and I would stay here again if I had to transit because of the incredibly convenient location.  If I had more nights I would go out and stay somewhere in the city.

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