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American Airlines Coach Newark to Dallas & DFW Admiral’s Club
American Airlines Coach Dallas to Hong Kong
Regal Airport Hotel
HKG The Wing Business Class Lounge
American Airlines Business Hong Kong to Dallas
American Airlines First Dallas to Newark

I left the lounge just a few minutes before the boarding for my flight to Hong Kong began.  I was able to board fairly early because I have Oneworld Sapphire status because of my status with US Airways.  The plane was pretty comfortable in Main Cabin Extra, the legroom adequate for someone near my height.

Each seat has an IFE system which is pretty decent in terms of selection.  There are some decent shows and movies, some of which I managed to get through.


While the seat and IFE were quite good, the food was less than stellar.  There were 2 meals with drink service in between them.  I had ordered special vegetarian meals and they are usually not too terrible so I had some expectation of quality.  The first meal was actually pretty decent and included a salad with some cheese, some rice, broccoli, chickpeas, bread and a cantaloupe.  Everything tasted fine, if not good, besides the cantaloupe, which I didn’t touch.


For the second meal, there was some slice of a wrap and an apple.  I’m not sure why I got an apple while the “regular” meals had a kitkat.  I’m not really sure what was in the wrap, and in hindsight, I probably should have asked.  All I know is that it was really bad.  I don’t want to say it was the worst thing I’ve ever had but it ranks pretty far up there.


The flight time was about 17 hours and most of them were comfortable.  I was in the last row of Main Cabin Extra so I was able to recline my seat pretty far without anyone complaining.  I was not able to get much sleep because they were only slightly angled but I did manage to catch up on a couple of movies.

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