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This is not a tutorial on manufactured spend or a comprehensive list.  This is just a little bit about what I use.  If you want to know everything about manufactured spend, you can go over and read The Frequent Miler.

Amazon Payments

Amazon Payments is pretty much a foolproof way of doing manufactured spend.  You can send $1,000, without fees with a credit card, to anyone from your Amazon Payments.  I would find someone you can trust to send money to, who can then withdraw to their bank account and give back to you.  By doing $1,000 in payments every month you can get 12,000 or more free points every year.

First you log onto your Amazon Payments account and, at the top of the page, click Send Money.

Send M0ney

Then you put in the email address of the Amazon Payments account you want to send it to and the amount you want to send.  Make sure that Goods and Services is checked here and not Cash Advance.

Send Money 2

Finally, you select the credit card you want to send it.

Send Money 3

Amex BlueBird

American Express Bluebird is a checking account alternative.  In manufactured spending, it is used in conjunction with Vanilla Reloads to manufacture points at $.079 per point.  The first step is to buy a Vannila Reload card from CVS or any other store that takes a credit card for it.

Vanilla Reload Card

Vanilla Reload Card

Once you have the card, you scratch off the pin on the back and go to the vanilla reload website.  Here you put in the pin from the back of the card and verify the amount and enter your Bluebird number.  Once you do that, the money should show up in your Bluebird account.  From there you can use the card to spend it, withdraw to a bank account, withdraw to an ATM, pay a bill, or write check.  For the purpose of manufactured spend I would recommend a combination of writing checks and bill pay to pay bills you cannot with a credit card.

You can only load up to $5,000 from vanilla reloads onto a single Bluebird card per calender month.  One person, with Bluebird alone, can rack up at least to 60,000 points per year and pay $474 in fees.  At that rate, many cards are worth using but two of my favorites are the American Express SPG, for the 25% airline transfer bonus,  and the Chase Sapphire Preferred for the 7% annual dividend.

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  1. Amazon payments is perfect for people wanting to get their feet wet.

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