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United Airlines Newark to Milan
The Westin Palace Milan
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United Airlines Milan to Newark


MXP has to be one of the worst airports in Europe.  If going by taxi, it is the elevnth most expensive airport per mile.  The check in area for United was all the way on the other side of the airport from where the gates were.  On top of that, United’s systems were not working properly and they could not print boarding passes.  Most of the time this is not an issue as many travelers opt for a digital boarding pass.  At this airport though, this was a huge problem.

When I arrived at the gate, a little past the boarding time, there was a huge line to board.  For some reason there was a separate line for physical boarding passes and digital ones.  The digital boarding pass line was significantly slower than the physical one.  I’m not sure why they need a separate line for that, it seems like they should be able to process them all in one line.

Once on the plane, I managed to get some overhead space right near my seat which was surprising since I was one of the last people to board.  The seat was the same as on the way here but there were a lot more empty seats.  There was also an empty seat in my row so I was able to put my bag under there and get a lot more legroom.



As is usual on United flights in coach, the food was…interesting.  The vegetables and rice were pretty good but the salad was pretty awful.  Overall, I can’t really say it was better or worse than the meal on the way here.



The only thing that made the flight bearable was the IFE.  There were quiet a few movies that I hadn’t seen so event though I was tired, I decided to catch up on it.  I ended up watching Elysium, Planes, The Great Gatsby, and White House Down.

This flight seemed to go much faster than the first one and it probably had to do with having more legroom and watching movies instead of attempting to sleep in the very uncomfortable seats.  Event though the seats were not great and the food was pretty terrible,  It was definitely worth it for the ~$350 that I paid overall for the flights.  But if I was paying the full price of the flights, I might choose to fly with another carrier.

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