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So this trip has a bit of a strange start.  I’ve always wanted to go back to Disney World since the last time I went was in 2002.  There were no plans to really go anytime soon until my cousin told me he had a timeshare that was expiring in February.  It sucks to not be getting any elite stay credit and points but it saves me a lot of money on an already expensive trip.  So way back in August we booked the room and then pretty much forgot about it.

Fast forward to early  December and, with the trip coming up, I was considering United for my airline of choice next year but it was fairly expensive flying out from EWR.  So I held off on it and United went crazy and I decided to go with American Airlines.  This means flying out of JFK more often but it’s not too bad.  The American Airline flights were about $40 more expensive than Delta so I decided to book Delta and credit my miles to Alaska since they have a pretty good program and I already have a few miles there.

As far as Disney World goes, January seems to be a busy period.  According to Undercover Tourist, the crowds are pretty heavy until the end of the month.

UT Crowd Calender

UT Crowd Calender

I’m there for about 7.5 days so it’s easy to spread it out and not get bogged down in the crowds.  I decided that, as much as I enjoy Disney World, it would be nice to try out other things like visiting downtown Orlando or going to a beach.  I decided to split it into so many parts because it would be easier to split up for me, and easier to take in for the readers.  I’ll start writing and hopefully posting while I’m there but the entire series won’t be done until a couple of days after I get back home.

As always, you can follow me on FaceBook, Twitter, or Instagram for more bitesized updates and pictures while I’m there.  I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did visiting.

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